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Today the residence of Ramsgate, England brag about having the best seafood restaurants, amazing local artists, and beautiful parks, and gorgeous gold sand beaches. As well as museums full of maritime history and miles of secret wartime tunnels beneath their feet. In general seaside towns in England are very historically important. Larger seaside towns, like Brighton, Margate, Blackpool, and Bournemouth, have all re-branded themselves within the last decade to attract younger people.


Ramsgate has a perfect location and atmosphere for commuters to London, creative minds, and a younger crowd. With an aging population, these are the type of people the town needs to attract to survive. Unlike it’s larger neighbors, Ramsgate is just missing the “look” to attract them. The goal of this project was to give Ramsgate a refreshing youthful visual design language that still honors the town’s centuries of rich history.


Graphis New Talent 2021 Honorable Mention (logo)


Ramsgate is full of history that is fundamental to it’s country’s heritage. From the arrival of the first Anglo-Saxons in 449 AD, to being the most bombed seaside town in the UK during WWI, as well as being one of the main embarkation points for the evacuation of Dunkirk during WWII. Ramsgate is also the only Royal Harbor in the UK, a title given by King George IV in 1821.
Beside it’s grand history, Ramsgate was also one of the most popular seaside resorts in the Georgian and Victorian periods. The town’s gorgeous golden sand beaches make it stand out from other seaside destinations on the English coast. Some of the towns most notable regular visitors were King George IV, Queen Victoria, and Vincent van Gogh.


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